Add a Victorian Feel to Your Bedroom

Victorian Feel to Your Bedroom

Victorian England is typically defined as the period in England during the reign of Queen Victoria. She reigned from 1837 to 1901. She oversaw a period of great disruption and change in the world. She ushered England into the 20th century. During that long reign, the world changed dramatically. The period was so striking that it affected all of Europe and the rest of the world.

Victorian ideals spread throughout the world and came to typify much of the culture in many different places. For example, in the United States at the time, Victorian English ideals were ever-present in middle and upper-class settings. The same is true of 19th-century Australia. They were even popular in China at the time. Fashion and art were a huge part of the Victorian period. The four-poster bed is an iconic item from that time in the world. Explore to learn more about how Victorian values and culture influenced global society on the website.

Victorian Beds

The Victorian bed is one that is recognizable all around the world. It is an example of a time when interest in English fashion and art was surging. Metal bed frames are still available today in the Victorian style. Often, people will go searching for iron beds because of their durability and find that they can’t afford them. Iron beds can easily cost over £5000. That’s an incredible sum of money and completely unnecessary. There are a few manufacturers who will make an iron bed by hand for a reasonable price. There are many people who try to unfairly capitalize on the popularity of iron beds by charging exorbitant fees. You should not confuse a high price for high quality. You should look for the best possible quality at a good price. What is the best quality? Discover the beauty and elegance of Victorian-quality beds for your bedroom. Visit for inspiration and explore our collection of stunning quality designs.

What to Look For

You should look for a handmade bed, and not one that’s mass-produced. A lot of places will offer you iron beds, but they’re mass produced. You should look for a handmade bed. How will you know that it’s honestly handmade? Companies will assert that their beds are made by hand, but a group that is honestly making the beds itself will be able to make bespoke orders. If they’re making them in bulk with some kind of machinery, they won’t be able to change the way they’re made. If the company you’re looking for offers custom designs, you’re probably dealing with a good company.

The company should offer different kinds of support for the beds. Typically, there are two kinds of supports: solid and slatted. A slatted bed support is a little bit more difficult to put together, but it makes your mattress feel a little bit softer. Slatted spring metal offers a little bit of a bounce that many people find very comfortable. For those who don’t like a softer mattress, a solid support is probably ideal. It makes your mattress feel a little firmer. They are also easier to assemble. That’s important if you’re not very handy with tools, or if you plan to move a lot. You can have a touch of Victorian England in your bedroom if you buy the right metal bed.

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