Bicycle accidents caused by Uncontrolled Animals

Bicycle accidents

Imagine this – one day you are cycling to build your strength along a local footpath and all of a sudden a dog runs out in front of you. In your haste to avoid this animal, you swerve straight into the path of an oncoming car that hits you at a high speed and leaves you in the hospital.

Or, you are cycling along through a quiet park one day and an animal runs into your bicycle, causing the front tire to slip and sending you flying into a concrete fence. You are left with substantial facial scarring and a broken arm. Go to this website in order to acquire additional information about accident law.

Now you may think that these situations are make-believe, but every year around the world there are many examples where innocent cyclists have become the victim of uncontrolled animals – these cyclists are left with substantial injuries, and who is to blame?

What is the law’s view of an uncontrolled animal?

By law anyone who owns a pet is directly responsible for its actions as directed by the humane society – and this means that if a pet attacks or runs into your bicycle, the owner is responsible for any injuries that you sustain. By law pet owners must keep their animals on a leash or in an enclosed area at all times, and if a pet owner has failed to do this then they could be at fault of your injuries. If you are looking for a website that provides you with complete information about government laws, then look at this website:

What are my rights?

If you have been attacked by a dog, cat or any other pet which has been let out by its owner then you have every right to make a claim against the owner of that animal for compensation. Although the animal may not have directly harmed you, its actions have led to you sustaining injuries (in the same way that a car driver does not directly harm you, rather the car that they are driving leads to your injuries).

You could be eligible to make a claim for any medical costs that you have sustained in addition to any loss of income if your injuries leave you unable to work, or any pain, suffering, and trauma that you have been through as a result of your injuries.

If you have been attacked by an animal and left out of pocket, then don’t suffer in silence. Look at your rights and get your life back on track. To know more about them, visit this website: