Do Personal Injury Rights Differ Between England, Scotland, and Wales?

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England, Wales, and Scotland are a part of the United Kingdom. As such, UK law applies to these countries. UK law states that if you have been injured as a result of somebody else’s actions, you are legally entitled to make a claim for financial compensation.

Your basic legal rights, therefore, do not differ between England, Wales, and Scotland. But, in Scotland, the process for making a claim differs from that in England and Wales in certain key aspects. That is why if you have been injured in Scotland, the general rule of thumb is that Scottish accident advice solicitors would be the best people to represent you. This website provides you with complete information regarding injury law, family law, and other legal laws.

Here are the key differences between England and Wales and Scottish personal injury law:

  • No win, no fee claims in Scotland are made under delict law, as opposed to in England and Wales where they are made under tort law;
  •  Personal injury claims in Scotland if they proceed to court are heard in either the Court of Session or the Sheriff Court;
  • When determining a compensation payout, Scottish courts use a different system to base their decision than in England and Wales;
  •  Practically all personal injury cases are concluded outside of the court system; it is very rare for cases to proceed to court;
  • Solicitors in Scotland can take up to 30% of your compensation as a success fee, as opposed to 25% in England and Wales.

Some of these differences between England and Wales and Scottish personal injury law are small, while others are huge. It is imperative that should your accident have been in Scotland you instruct a lawyer with significant experience in making Scottish personal injury claims to act on your behalf. A lawyer who only has experience with the English and Welsh system will not be best placed to assist you in making a claim. Click here to get the detailed information regarding legal laws.

What do England, Wales, and Scotland’s personal injury laws have in common?

What all laws have in common is that they are designed to support and help people who have suffered an illness or injury through no fault of their own. You can make a claim for:

  • A physical injury, such as a broken leg or cancer.
  • An emotional, psychological, or mental injury, such as post-traumatic stress.

And so whether your accident happened in England, Wales, or Scotland, you can rest assured that the personal injury law and system that applies to you will work in your favor to ensure that you get the financial compensation that you are entitled to and the medical treatments that you and your family need to make a full recovery. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information regarding personal injury rights.