A master in several fields, Justin Nauling is a multi-talented man. Having been associated with the Marine Corps for about 10 years, he is a reputed and accomplished security personnel. Given his great managerial skills and his ability to manage a team, he had been allotted duties in several different places. Go to this website in order to acquire additional information about famous personalities.

Let us have an insight to the accomplishments that this man had during his service tenure.

Accomplishments of Justin Nauling throughout his tenure

Justin Nauling is a Black Level instructor in the Marine Corps martial arts program. Working as a martial arts fighter from the year 2002, Nauling has a dynamic personality and excellent leadership qualities of his own. The vast experience that he gathered during the time of his service gave him a wide range of knowledge in the field of military expertise. Through the passage of time Mr.Nauling managed to establish himself as a great leader capable of performing his duties to the best o his abilities.

Various roles played by him during the time of his service:

During the long span of his service, Nauling played a number of different roles and undoubtedly succeeded in each one of them. The following are the posts and duties that he handled during the years of his service

  • Helicopter Rope suspension Training Master HRST in military schools and institutions
  • Marine Combat or Water survival Instructor MCIWS.
  • Platoon Sergeant in California
  • A weapon instructor in many military institutions

Throughout his life, he has been training hundreds of Marine Corps and has trained them very successfully. His work has earned him immense name and respect from all the institutions and several other military campaigns that he was associated with. A highly educated man, he had great intellect and was a man of dignity. If you want to learn more about sports, you can visit this dedicated website for further details.

Justin Nauling has a striking personality and any individual who has ever come in touch with him admits that. The man has a strong will and a never say die attitude. Having completed his education from the University of Maryland he has carried out various counter terrorism operations and surveillance acquisition programs, he is a pro at his work. The collaboration of the various qualities along with the vast experience that he has gathered, he has created an impressive profile of himself.

Felicitations received by Justin Nauling

Keeping in mind the great services provided Justin Nauling to his country and fellowmen, he has been felicitated with various awards and honors. The US Military has recognized his works and has honored him with several awards. During his service period from 2002-2004, Mr.Nauling held a record of winning the MMA circuit for a repeated time period of five years, though he lost a few of them too. But then everybody has to experience a certain rate of failure at some point of his life.

Till date Mr.Nauling follows a strict kick boxing regime along with sessions of rigorous cross fit training. A look at his entire carrier and the accomplishments made by him, reflect the life of dignity and honor that this man has lead throughout. If you are looking for a website that provides you with complete information regarding entertainment, then take a look at this website for useful information.