Reviewing The Latest Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4

We have come a long way now, from the dream come true iPhone to dream everything Samsung Galaxy S3, Now? It’s time for S4. Yes, Samsung has declared its next fight on other biggies, iPhone 5 and HTC One. When buying a phone, you should always look at what you exactly need, and if it suits your need, buy it. Here I am just going to tell you what’s best and what’s not, you decide, and express your views on it with comments below.

Well, Samsung is running fast, it looks like it’s in hurry to regain its top spot among other contenders, Samsung misses no chance to make a cut, and it has come up with S4. S4 doesn’t really make any impression on the design part but it has got some features that we haven’t seen in it in the past and that’s all it makes a smartphone. Visit for helpful information if you want to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S4.


Few say this is a revolutionary phone, few don’t feel any impression with it, all they complain is-same design, a dinner plate! Alright, let’s look into the design, it’s very much similar to the S3 but with expanded finishing. This makes it bigger and scale 5 inch, it has got thinner body than the previous S3 but feels like you holding a plastic again. If you are a die-hard Samsung fan, you will like this curvy bottom finish.


For the first time, we have a phone sporting 1080p, no? We have it coming in HTC One as well. This adds more to the display which is sharp and clutter-free Super AMOLED screen. The screen is immersive with fine pixels, AMOLED dazzles pretty colors, and everything is fine with this high-resolution display. You can also visit to learn more in-depth details on smartphones and other technologies.

Hardware and Software

As of now, we have no idea which processor does S4 will be shipped but we feel it will be finally QUALCOMM out of Exynos 5 by Samsung, however the RAM will be 2GB, expandable memory of 64GB (Yes, with micro SD) and the battery will be 2600mAH.

Software is the part to look out now, if you can get this latest Jelly Bean update on S3, then what’s the point in buying S4? No answer. But some features are really new and will hold surprise you. Assume you watching a video and you turn somewhere, video stops and plays when you start looking at screen, smart isn’t? Another, S translator, which translates your emails into any other language you prefer to. Don’t need to press hard or touch scroll on the screen to view images, just move your fingers, that’s it. S Health is really impressive, it checks your temperature and advises you on the diet. For sharing, Samsung has come up with Group play, which will be on role only with S4 devices and not any other.


Camera is one thing that all smartphone makers are focusing to get quick note of publicity or justification. Give your phone to someone, what they will do? Check UI? Play Music? Take some snaps? Most do the last, it is in line with the performance of the phone. S4 has got the camera with 13 MP and shots amazing 1080p video. There are many cool new features with this and nothing more really to get impressed or brag further.


Yes, it’s really fast, no doubt. We need to be a little cautious here, speed is just a matter of processors. What else? User Interface? Application management? Well, I can go on but S4 is satisfactory and does well. But I can’t call it revolutionary. Now, if you are reading it just because you want to know and are in no mood to shell out big bucks to get this phone then you always have choices. On this dedicated website,, you may find comprehensive information about modern software and technology.