Should You Consider A Chromebook Instead of a Laptop?


In the world of laptops, you have plenty of choices

These days, people are all about maximizing the value they get for their money, especially when it comes to technology.

People would like to get the cheapest, yet most feature – filled gadget they can buy. If there are no other alternatives, they’re forced to buy expensive gadgets. This website can help you to get more info about Chromebooks and Laptops.

In the world of laptops, you have plenty of choices. There are cheap laptops, small laptops, powerful laptops and other forms of laptops. There’s a different kind of laptop out there though that’s gaining popularity – Chromebooks.

What is the Chromebook?

Chromebooks are laptops that run on Google’s Chrome OS. It is open source software, meaning the only thing you really have to pay for on the laptop is the actual materials and labor.

What do Chromebooks have anyway?

The main advantage of Chromebooks is the cheap selling price. New Chromebooks right now sell for just 250 bucks! That’s from Samsung. There’s also a 200 dollar Chromebook by Acer.

The usual stuff

It’s got everything you need in a laptop. Keyboard, touchpad, big screen – you got it!

The insides

Typically, these Chromebooks make use of cheap processors, such as Intel’s Atom and Celeron line. They also have low storage, and low memory. Thankfully, storage comes in the form of a solid state drive. This guarantees good boot up times.

The Operating System

So let’s go right into the OS.

Chrome OS is designed to run on low requirements, hence the very cheapprice. This means that the OS has a very bare interface. That doesn’t mean it lacks features though.

The OS is built to give you a sense of urgency – the feeling you’re always connected to the Internet. If you’ve used Google Chrome before, then you have a general idea of the look of Chrome OS.

The Advantages of the Chrome OS

Chrome OS is very fast in terms of loading, on top of the SSD installed. There are really no heavy programs to open, such as those on Windows. This is because most of the user data is savedonthe cloud, particularly Google’s cloud storage service.

Another thing that Chrome OS provides is the convenience of maintenance. There’s really no antivirus to worry about, since your files are stored in the cloud. You can also visit this website to know more advantages and features of Chromebook.

Furthermore, the Chromebook has become a choice among students who prefer to use laptops. There are schools and organizations who are into Chromebooks because they felt that it has the bare minimum of what the students really need for studying minus the fancy stuff. That’s why there are college programs that are approving the use of chromebook laptops in schools.

The Disadvantages

What are the downsides to owning a Chromebook? Well, it’s not exactly the best laptop in the world. You only get 16 GB of storage, which isn’t really impressive.

Also, you’re limited to very few programs. You can only create documents and other simple files. You can’t edit videos and play games like you would on other full computer operating systems like Windows and OS X.

Also, since the price is cheap, you also get cheap construction. Typically, the body is made from plastic and there’s no back lighting for the keyboard. Thankfully, they are designed in a nice way, so at least it compensates for the looks.


If you really need a laptop that allows you to do everything, then a Windows or Apple laptop is what you should get. For those who only need a laptop for surfing the net on the go and have a powerful desktop at home, then the Chromebook is a wise decision. Learn more about the Latest Trending Technologies by clicking here: .