Why Company Culture Still Matters for Small Businesses

Company Culture

It’s good for your business to have a company culture that is clear and easy to identify. Your company needs to be more than just a place for people to make money. If it has a social component to it, then the people who work there will enjoy it a lot more, and their happiness will only bring increased profit to your culture. 

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Here are a few reasons why, as well as a few ways to create the right environment.

Startup Culture

There are few things that will foster stronger connections between people than working together side by side every day of the week on something brand new and risky. That’s why creating the proper business culture is so important. It can affect every aspect of a company, and get everyone in the company in the right mindset. After all, teamwork isn’t something that just happens out of nowhere, you have to work for it by getting the right elements in place.

Keep Your Beliefs

The important thing to do in order to keep the small business vibe even as the company grows bigger is to make sure that you keep the same small business culture by keeping the same shared beliefs. Whatever it was that got you to all join the same company in the first place needs to persist in order to keep the vibe the same. This culture is different for every business of course, but the point is that you have to make sure everyone from the CEO down to the employees has the same mindset and the same beliefs. It’s the separation of beliefs between management and employees that tends to be what destroys the small business vibe to begin with. Because once you make that transition, it’s pretty hard to go back.

Don’t Lose the Vibe

The reason for the popping of the pleasant small business bubble is often because the management gets separated from those below in some way. This could be because management is no longer doing anything remotely the same anymore, for example. The camaraderie between management and those underneath them often exists because they still do similar work, once you remove that, it can be more difficult to keep the right feel despite the expansion, though there are certainly ways to do this.

Dress Codes

The right dress code can also help a lot with the right atmosphere. For example, if you keep the same dress code you had when you were a smaller company, this can help people tap into that old magic. This will often be business casual or something similar, depending on your particular style. It’s also important to keep a clean atmosphere, no matter how you do it. Having a clean dress code is a good start, but you also need to make sure the general area is clean as well. You can find any information about “Culture Dress Codes for Small Businesses” on the website lcb-brand. It has great information that’s on the website,

Furniture Creates Atmosphere

Another great way to create the right feel I through furniture. This could come in many different forms. For example, it could come in the form of carpeting, but the best is often to use the best chairs you can.  Slick black chairs with adjustable seats that look professional are often the best. For example, there’s the true black Aeron chair. They come from Herman Miller and Sit4life and they often have the best approach to small business environments. Not that they are the only approach of course. You can also use something different, like a leather chair with a hydraulic adjustable seat that may work just as well, for example. 

Overall, getting the right feeling is just a matter of trial and error, finding the right trappings for your particular company.

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